Bromo Sempu Malang Tour Package 3 Days 2 Nights

In addition to Bromo Mountain Tourism, Sempu Island Tourism objects have been among the tourism icons in East Java. Although the location of Mount Bromo and Sempu Island is quite far, the combination of Sempu Bromo Tour Package is not the least choice for those who like adventure tourism.

Sempu Island Tourism

Sempu Island is located in Malang Regency, precisely on the South Coast and bordered by Sendang Biru. Sempu Island has an area of ​​around 877 hectares directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean. The specialty that can be enjoyed from Sempu Island is the existence of Segara Anakan, a lake located on Sempu Island. Whose water comes from the south coast waves. Traveling on Sempu Island will be felt far from the hustle and bustle of the city the atmosphere is beautiful and unspoiled. Here are not a few found so many rare animals like apes and so many kinds of birds. The route leads to Sempu Island Tourism Malang tour, after crossing from Sendang Biru beach requires trekking / jungle trekking for 2 hours to lead to Segara Anakan.

Bromo Sempu Tour Package, takes very little 3 days 2 nights. 1 night stay at Bromo Hotel and 1 night stay at Sempu Island

Bromo Sempu 3 Days 2 Nights Tour Schedule is as follows:

Day 1: Malang Sempu Island Tour

  • Bromo Sempu vacation packages start with pick-up in Malang (Airport / Station / Hotel) in the morning, start the tour by driving to Sendang Biru Beach for 2 hours (tour schedule can be adjusted to your plane / train ticket)
  • After landing on Sendang Biru Beach, take a short nap and cross to Semut Bay, for 15 minutes
  • Sempu Island trekking starts from Semut Bay to Segoro Anakan for 2 hours (dry terrain conditions)
  • After landing on Segoro Anakan, swimming, snorkeling etc.
  • Rest and overnight at Sempu Island (Camping Tent)

Day 2: Sempu Island Tour Bromo Tour

  • Once satisfied to feel the beauty and Exploration of Segoro Anakan during 9 am trekking back to Semut Bay
  • Crossing back to Sendang Biru, then take a shower, eat and prepare for Bromo
  • Transfer to Mount Bromo, travel for 5-6 hours
  • Check in Hotel in Bromo. Break

Day 3: Bromo Tour Surabaya / Malang

  • Bromo Tour starts at 3.30 in the morning, heading to Mount Penanjakan by Jeep / Hardtop
  • Once satisfied to feel Bromo Sunrise, descend into the Bromo Sand Sea
  • From the Jip / Hardtop parking area by horse rental or walk to the crater of Mount Bromo
  • Climb for 250 steps to reach the summit of Mount Bromo
  • After satisfied exploration of Bromo Tourism, proceed to Savanah, Whispering sand and return home
  • Arriving at the hotel, breakfast, shower and check out the inn / hotel
  • Transfers out of Surabaya / Malang.
  • Bromo Sempu travel package program 3 days 2 nights complete.

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