5 Enchantment of Mount Rinjani Attraction in Lombok Island

Want to go to Lombok but what to do in Lombok? let’s climb to Mount Rinjani, the name of one of the mountains on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, is very popular with tourists. With an altitude of 3,726 m asl, Rinjani has been named the third highest mountain in Indonesia. The mountain which stands firmly and dominates the view of East Lombok is located in the beautiful Mount Rinjani National Park area which is rich in natural attractions.

  1. Padang Savana Sembalun Lawang

Sembalun lawang is the climbing route for Mount Rinjani which is very suitable for beginners. At the starting point of this hiking trail, climbers start climbing from Savana Sembulan Lawang.

Sembulan Lawang offers an amazing savanna-type view with a length of about 6 kilometers for climbers. As far as the eye can see the savanna is dominated by grass that grows towering with a height reaching 1 to 1.5 meters. The savannah panoramas are more perfect with the beautiful and charming background of Gunugn Rinjani.

  1. Palawangan Sembalun and sunset romanticism

Palawangan Sembalun is a fairly wide location and is usually used as a place to stay overnight for climbers of Mount Rinjani. Here the climbers can rest to restore energy and stamina to then continue climbing to the summit of Rinjani. In the afternoon, don’t miss the sunset view from the area around Palawangan Sembalun. Because from here we can see the beauty of the island of Lombok which is decorated with sparkling twilight colors if lucky. Also how many mountain peaks, such as the majestic mountain covered by clouds.

  1. Segara Anak

Who doesn’t know Ranu Kumbolo in Semeru? The lake whose beauty is worldwide became a struggle for millions of eyes and camera lenses of tourists who pass through it. Not infrequently also many visitors who are willing to travel long distances just to stop over and spend the night in the midst of silence. Well, if you are already salivating with Mount Semeru Ranu Kumbolo, you should try stopping at Segara Anak.

Segara Anak, an instagramable anti-mainstream lake tour. The clear color of the water coupled with the view around the lake is fun to make anyone not bored looking at it. Segara Anak is one of the charms of this tourist spot that is able to calm the heart. Like living in a fairytale world that is decorated with stunning charms.

  1. Stone Mountain Finger

Mount Batu Jari or also often referred to as Mount Anak Rinjani is a new mountain located in the caldera east of the tourist area. This mountain was formed in 1944 with a crater width of about 170 meters and a length of 200 meters, while its height reaches 2,296-2,376 m asl.

Nan exotic small mountain which is above Segara Anak is still active and erupted several times. When normal conditions, climbers can see the Stone Mountain which stands crowing in the caldera of Mount Rinjani on the south side. Stone Mountain Finger is more beautiful when combined with the clarity and blue water of Segara Anak. This is what makes many climbers long for the charm of climbing in this tourist attraction.

  1. Rinjani Peak

One of the main objectives of climbing a mountain is to enjoy the sensation of the peak. Yes of course so, and we need to know together that each peak has a different sensation. Similarly, the peak of this tourist site which is also referred to as the peak of Anjani.

From this peak we can see the whole mountain and the awesome views of Lombok and Sumbawa. Anjani Peak will once again be able to make every eye open and reluctant to leave it.